Sales Gallery

Dear Friends, 

This year I am hosting an online art sale instead of the traditional studio sale at my home. I have some favorite pieces of art  back in my studio, as the galleries they were in have sadly closed due to the pandemic.  I am also sharing some of the special stories that these works evoke and connect to, these stories make them special to me and hopefully to you as well.   

During these darker days of late fall and early winter, art, beauty and connection are what matter to me. In that spirit, I want to be sure that if one of these pieces speaks to you that you can have access to it.  

I send this art out as a blessing to the world, as a gift to the homes and hearts that it will grace. This is what I love to do.... make the art that calls to me, love the things and people that fill me and share my love and my art with the world.


In Love and Gratitude,     


"Run my dear from anything that does not strengthen your beautiful budding wings." Hafiz