Portland Woman Writers Workshop
Nurturing Resilience: Art & Writing as Sacred Practice
Spring 2022: Feathering Our Inner Nests

Sunday, March 20th 1:00-4:00pm 

Zoom meeting

Cost: $100

As we move towards the early days of Spring, this workshop will nurture our natural resilience and restore our connections to beauty and nature through the powerful tools of mindfulness, art-making and reflective writing. 


We will welcome Spring and the lighter days of the coming season, as we soothe our souls through the sacred ritual of gathering together and using simple art making processes and writing prompts to access our creativity and imagination.


This workshop will be a basis for participants to start or re-start an arts based reflective practice that will sustain and support them. We will build on what we already inherently know we need, to cultivate and grow a practice that will sustain us as the season changes and the light returns.


If you have attended prior Nurturing Resilience workshops, this is a perfect opportunity to continue your practice of tending to your deeper self through art and writing. You may use the journal that you received in a prior workshop, or I will send a new one to you. Either way, you will receive a packet of imagery and inspiration to enhance your art making process.


If you are new to these workshops, they offer a basis for participants to start or re-start an arts-based reflective practice that will sustain and support. Typically, these workshops are held at the threshold of the season, to celebrate and recognize the rhythms of the earth and ourselves.


Prior to the workshop, participants will be mailed a hand-made journal/sketchbook, collage images and seasonal poems to use and a short list of materials to have available for the art processes.


No prior writing or art making experience is necessary, only a desire to explore your creative spirit

For more information contact Margaret at:


“Let the Beauty we love be what we do,
there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”    ~Rumi


Handmade Journal from Summer 2021

Portland Women Writers is a collective of independent facilitators who share a common mission. At Portland Women Writers, our passion is to offer a safe environment where women access their creative power and express their authentic voice. Our writing workshops give you the opportunity to share stories in a fun, transformational, and vibrant community. We offer breathing space for creative expression for beginning and seasoned writers and for women who identify as female of all ages and backgrounds.

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