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My work as an artist, teacher and mentor is influenced deeply by the landscapes I grew up in, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the arid coast line of southern California and the fog swept coast of northern California.

Nature has taught me timeless lessons about beauty, suffering and navigating the winds of change. Here is where I founded my language as an artist and a healer.I bring to my work perspectives formed through my study and through my life long apprenticeship to growth and learning.

I have been blessed to work with wise teachers and mentors who have greatly influenced my life journey and challenged me to awaken and heal into my full self. In addition to this, I have bachelors degree in Fine Art and a masters degree in Trans-personal Psychology and Art Therapy I have worked in the field of hospice and serious illness for many years.

I hope my website can be a place for you to visit to ignite your imagination and kindle your creative selves. It is organized by the celebrations and cycles of the seasons. Each season is itself a collection, or smaller studio, in which you will find many ways to be inspired. Here you will find art making ideas, imagery, poetry and creative thought that has been curated over my years as an artist, teacher and healer. Also, dip into my blog and collections pages for more “glimmerings” to feed your creative selves.

This is an emerging and changing site, fed by my delights and imagination. Come back often to see what has changed, connect with me and be inspired!

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