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Welcoming the Wild Violet

Welcome Spring - Spring with the return of brightness and warmth juxtaposed to the sudden bouts of rain, hail and snow. These days, I find myself seeking moments to soak up symphonies of bird song, and the long awaited sun. Internally, I find myself opening to the wonder of it all while drying out my (metaphoric) wings after the long winter.

Spring, perhaps more than other seasons, reminds me of change, how I can change, how the world changes and how, incrementally, change happens. One day we awake and we are utterly in another season, another time in our lives, completely immersed as if the past season has never been but without the darkness this beautiful time would not be here.

I just added Rosemary Wahtola Trommer’s poem, Viola Papilionacea, to the poetry blackboard in my garden. Her words stir in me a reminder of my wild, of the wild ways of spring, of the restlessness of this time of year. It seems important to feel a sense of wild stir inside, to persist, to put down roots in the gardens of my life, however untidy they may be at times.

"…I may not be a powerful woman,

but I have some wild violet in me,

some willingness to insist on renegade beauty,

some desire to be soft and yet persist,

some certainty that the garden

is big enough for us all.”

May this spring bring you stirrings of wild imaginings and creative pursuits and bring you closer to you the Wild Violet in yourself. May you continue to insist upon renegade beauty however it shows up in your life.

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