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Through the Gates of Compassion

Francis Weller says, “At the heart of every spiritual tradition, we find the teaching of compassion. Through the gate of compassion we are invited to enter the wider conversation with all of life… But how are we with self compassion? Too often our caring is reserved for those outside of ourselves, as though we haven’t earned the right for kindness. We judge ourselves and resist offering gestures of mercy to ourselves. Yet, every one of us knows loss and defeat, loneliness and failure….Bringing compassion to our suffering is an act of generosity. It helps us remember that we, too, are part of this breathing, pulsing world. We are reminded that, by the mere fact of our being here, we qualify for the soothing waters of compassion.” He also says, “Self-compassion is a skill that needs to be exercised regularly in order for us to remain open to life. It is the gift of a generous heart.”

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