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Art Making as Meditation: uncertainty and curiosity for the now and the next

In my work as an artist and teacher I am influenced by my years at Naropa University, my study of Buddhist philosophy and applying these principles in my life. I approach the process of making art much like a meditation session. We show up in the studio prepared with our paper and brushes, awaiting what will emerge and know that it will always be different, some reflection of this moment.

Much like a walking meditation....our focus narrows on our breath and the imagery that is unfolding. We are intimately aware of the texture and colors in front of us and what is drawing us in this moment. We are aware of our surroundings but grounded in our bodies on our art making stool.

We slow down and allow imagery to emerge and speak to us rather than "thinking about" how we want a piece to look or be. Noticing when our "thinking" mind is insisting that we should or should not use a certain color or make a certain shape, we practice courage and curiosity to stray into the unknown that a new color may take us to. We take a breath and make the mark and step into the next mark and then the next.

In making art as a meditative practice, we are always balancing/ pivoting between these realities, the mark we have just made and the mark that will be next. It requires us to become familiar with uncertainty and have curiosity about what may unfold. This practice grows within us over time and often becomes a delightful way to create art that is spontaneous, joyful and deep. It also allows us a place to express the difficult and the dark when those seasons descend upon us.

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