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A Summer of Wild Wandering & Wondering

This sky where we live

is not place

to lose your wings so

Love, Love, Love.


I am noticing the urge to be hiking at 10,000 feet, mountain air clearing my mind. I am noticing the urge to soar in an airplane above the clouds, suspended for a few hours between earth and heaven. I am noticing the urge to have dirt beneath my fingernails and sweat on my brow and to fall into the deep abyss of sleep that comes of when you rest beneath the blanket of the night sky and the support of our mother earth, every so often awaking for the sheer wonder of watching the Big Dipper and the Milky Way.

For all my yearning, I am caught in a year of a pandemic and the associated uncertainty and quarantines. Is my hearts yearning for open spaces and lands safe? Summer for me has always been a time of Wild Wanderings, day trips, long hikes, soaking in the warmth and slower pace. I am noticing that I feel unable to go this summer, concerned about the virus, concerned about safety.

Which brings me to asking myself how to nurture myself, how to find what inspires and supports me during the darker months. I love my wings and the flights of my imagination, I love my freedoms and family and friends. I love my Wild Wanderings. Perhaps, this summer will be my summer of Wild Wondering, a summer to look at differently, this summer I am looking to find the wonders of nature and the surprising beauty nearer to my the alleys of unpainted fences, Queen Anne's Lace, abandoned cars entwined with blackberries and Virginia Creeper, watching dragon flies and warblers as they dance and sing. I am giving my heart it's needed mountain vistas and hikes here, in my art, in my studio, connecting in a new way.

I am keeping my family safe, I am keeping my loves safe and I am keeping my imagination wild and free...this too shall pass, this season will change.

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