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Autumn Art Making

Creating Space for your Imagination & Breath Doodles

When we are preparing to make art, we also need to prepare our imaginations to come along. Our imagination is a magical part of ourselves that we can cultivate and entice to join us in our art making time. Here are some ideas about how you might do this. If you are lucky enough to have a larger space, or have other ideas about what inspires you, go for it!!


Create a small space in your home that is clear and free of clutter and where you can be alone at some point during the day. This may be near a window so you can look at the comings and goings of the fall leaves and clouds or a cozy chair in your bedroom. Place an image that inspires you near by, it may be in a frame or just something that you have cut out of a magazine. Maybe there is a stack of images or a small figurine that you want to have near you. Add a candle, and find a book of poetry or writings that are dear to you. Grab a few colored pencils. pens or markers and a small stack of blank paper or small sketchbook.



FIND A TIME DAILY: Go to your creative space and allow yourself to take a few gentle breaths to just release anything that you are carrying from the day that you don't need and with an in breath, bring in your creativity. Allow yourself to look out the window as you breathe or look at the images that you have near you or read a poem/ excerpt from your book. When you are ready, take a gentle breath and allow yourself to create an image, or a Breath Doodle to center and ground yourself. This can be a 5 minute practice or you can extend it by drawing more, doing some mindful movement, taking a walk or taking a soothing bath.



Making a Breath Doodle is a calming, centering practice that brings you in touch with your breath and can help ground you. It could be considered a type of “active” meditation as when making a Breath Doodle we focus our attention on our breath and the lines we are creating.


MATERIALS: Black or white paper; Black or white colored pencils or gel pens; Make a small dot in each corner of your paper


1. Find a quiet place to make your Breath Doodle

2. Begin to notice your breath as it enters and exits your body

3. Connect your breath with your colored pencil and allow your pencil to follow the pace of your breath.

4 Use the small dots on the corners of your paper to help you fill the entire paper, letting your breath guide the pencil line from one dot to the next creating a “doodle”.

5. As you make your lines, notice the quality of your breath, is it fast or slow? Choppy or smooth? No judgements just allow your hand to record your breath.

6. Do this for a few minutes. Notice how it feels as you slow your breath down.

7. Date your Breath Doodle and give it a title if one comes to you.



1. Turn your paper around and see if you find an image in your Breath Doodle.

2. See if you can turn the image into a picture, word etc.

3. Color and “doodle” in the spaces that you have created making your Breath Doodle.

4. Title and date your Breath Doodle.

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