"...And still, this drive toward gratitude. Still this tug to pull over the car and marvel, this impulse to offer the world our attention...

"Rosemary Wahtola Trommer 

Welcome Summer 2021.

Please visit the Summer Studio for  art-making inspirations, writing prompts, imagery and poetry that I hope will bring you inspiration and joy. I have added a few new pieces of art in my Sales Gallery and continue to extend the 30% discount to you. If you would like to come to my studio to see my work or pick out a piece, please let me know and we can schedule a time, I would love to show you around!

Mid summer, I will be hosting a two day workshop "Nurturing Resilience: Art & Writing as Sacred Practice" with Portland Women's Writers. We will come together two Sunday afternoons, July 25 and August 1, for art-making, writing and poetry.

In love, light and grace,