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The road winds through the copper-colored woods;

no one sees around the bend.

Today, the wind poured in from Canada, a river in flood, bringing down the brilliant leaves,

broken sticks, deserted nests.

Go where the current takes you.

From, SOME OCTOBER Barbara Crooker



I have created this website for you to find a resource of poetry, art and inspiration based on the seasonal world. Here I have gathered words of wisdom to help us navigate changing times and I share with you some of my favorites. As we watch the natural world slip in and out of it's garments of winter snow to spring blossom, sunflower to acorn, we find a template for ourselves to witness struggle and resilience.

The website is organized by the seasons, with Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn Studios, each filed with inspirations and glimmerings for you to peruse and ponder. Each season I also send out a newsletter with information about upcoming events and workshops.

In gratitude, love and light,


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